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Service trade luna,


or as they prefere to call us, cleaning service luna is working since 2002 starting with main activity car washing. Working on development of our activities we became service trade in which everyone can rely on and we are oldes service trade on Korčula island. For more than 15 years now we have been working with many trades , companies and individuals. We are proud to sponsor several sport clubs and communities which are working on our island. We are continuing to work  and evolve in hope that we are going to support communities that are promoting and preserving our island culture.


Work time:


08:00 - 20:00


Damir Žuvela

OIB 13346007567

Tel 020 812985

Mob 098 9079473 / 098 701126

Ulica 5 br.40 20270 Vela Luka

Mail: praona.luna@gmail.com


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Damir Žuvela